This week has been a whirlwind! I started internship, saw The Color Purple on Broadway in its closing week and I did my first open call in New York with Kayla Walsh.

I will start off by recounting my first week at Binder Casting.  I must say it is very different than I thought it would be.  When I walked in to the office on Tuesday I was shaking because of all the nerves.  And I was the first person to get to the office. So I had to wait and wait and wait….. That was the worst part.  Once everything got rolling I felt much more at ease. It has been a pretty mellow week I haven’t had a lot to do.  However, everyday they have opened up a little bit more.  I’m starting to be less shy and to feel comfortable at Binder so I am happy.  I really like Jay he yells a lot but never at me so that’s nice.

I saw The Color Purple on Wednesday with my mom before she left.  It was brilliant. Every single person was outstanding as an actor and singer.  The set was very minimal yet it worked perfectly for the show and made you focus in directly on the actors. The only issue I had is with the diction.  It was very difficult to understand what some of the actors were saying because they would slur their words and speak extremely fast at times.  The shows meaning really held true with me. I think it’s a show that everyone should see.  It’s about learning how to love yourself and I think everyone needs a little more of that nowadays.

This morning I was on the N train at 6:30 to Manhattan to sign an unofficial non-equity list for Head Over Heels.  Kayla Walsh and I had gone out to dinner the night before and she said it would be fun to go together.  Unfortunately, I had to leave to go see an apartment I might move into and by the time I got back Kayla had been seen and I missed my chance.  The lesson I learned today is don’t leave an open call. But I came back later on and got seen. Sooo I also learned to not give up! It was a super quick audition and a lot of waiting but I learned so much.  I can’t wait to start auditing constantly and learn how to really show up in the room. 

New York is proving to be very harsh and scary but also so beautiful.  Walking to internship every morning this week all that I thought about was how grateful I am to be here. This city is crazy but amazing. I can’t wait for the future!