And on to week two! This week I feel like I finally started to settle in at Binder and in New York. The whole first week all I kept saying was "I can't believe I live here?!?" over and over again because it is just so crazy to me that I am finally here. I don't know if I will ever get over seeing Time Square every morning and walking straight through it to work.  There is an energy here that buzzes though the air I have never experienced before and I am consistently inspired and driven by it.  

This week I helped with a lot more things around the office even if I had not been given a job I kept trying to be useful as much as possible.  Working 8 hours days is hard especially when you sit at a computer all day.  I think I definitely know that the office job life is not the job for me. When I have stuff to do time passes quicker and I feel more useful. So I took every opportunity to organize anything.  As the week progressed Jay started to get more comfortable with me and he has had me help him A LOT! He even invited me to see a show with him but it didn't end up working out. Hopefully we will get a chance to see something together in the future because I feel like I could learn so much from him even if we just had a 10 minute conversation.  

This weekend my roommate/friend Asel and I took a bus back to Ohio to surprise our boy friends for the long weekend. It was so fun we got to Columbus at 4:30 am and went straight to Otterbein. The surprise was hysterical and Max and I had an incredible weekend together.  It was nice to be back at Otterbein even for a moment I didn't think I would miss it as much as I do.  It's a big step going from a peaceful village to the most exciting city in the world.