Now that I have gotten a little more acclimated to “New York Lifestyle” this week I started going to the Yoga Studio across the street from my apartment every morning at 6:30 am before internship. It’s called Bikrum Yoga Astoria Queens. It may sound crazy but doing yoga in a 108 degree room for an hour and half every morning makes me feel super energized and prepared for my day.  I just didn’t take into account how long it had been since I had done it.  I may or may not have almost passed out the first day but it got easier every day after. This week at internship was very busy and I now feel completely settled in to the office.  The other day I ran an errand to drop off something at Disney Theatricals.  I was ridiculously excited to do anything in regards to Disney.  Their office is in the New Amsterdam Theatre where Aladdin is playing. Everything is so well designed and visually stunning....even the elevator was beautiful. I was only in the office for a total of 10 seconds but it still made my day. After a long week Evan and I thought we would rush "Oh Hello" on Friday because it was about to close! We stood in the cold for 3 hours but it was so incredibly worth it!  I have to say "Oh Hello" is one of the most interesting shows I have ever experienced in my life.  It wasn’t that is was extremely funny not that it wasn’t but it was like nothing I have ever seen.  First of all, John Mulaney and Nick Kroll are magic together. Nick Kroll has hysterical one liners and John can come up with just about anything at a moment’s notice and never fails to deliver monologues on the spot that are in one word brilliant. The shows guest star was Michael J. Fox so there were many “Back to the Future” jokes. The show moved so fast I could barely follow it. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time and I was exhausted after it. It was an evening in the theatre that I have never experienced before and I don’t think I’ll ever seen anything like it again. And to follow this up the next day I saw an Off Broadway play with Asel called "Yen".  This is my favorite piece of theatre I have seen in New York so far! I recommend everyone to see it.  It is cathartic, authentic and jarring all the way through.  There was never a dull moment.  This weekend turned into a Broadway show marathon and later that night I saw Jordan in "Phantom" with Natalie, Steven and Evan. It was truly the weirdest experience seeing Jordon on a Broadway stage.  He was incredible but all I could think about was 6 years earlier when I sat in the same house as a sophomore in high school seeing phantom for the first time. Viewing these people on stage as literal gods and then fast forward and see Jordan on the same stage "doing his thing" was pretty amazing. This week was definitely very memorable and special.

P.S. After "Phantom" we went to Schmackary's. IT WAS SO GOOD! Best cookies ever. That’s all.