Week 4: Dana's New York Adventure



Here I am week 4 and one week away from my 1 month anniversary of living in New York, which is INSANE to think about! This week turned out to be extremely busy at internship I didn’t have moment when I wasn’t doing anything. We were preparing for The Non-Equity Asia Tour of Sister Act Open Call that was yesterday the 28th of January! I spent the whole week making a project book, director book, reader book, accompanist book etc. You name it I made it.  These books were monsters by the time I was done making them! It took 3 audition bags to carry them and even then no one could carry then for longer than a few minutes because they were so heavy. On Wednesday everyone was busy so I got to go see A Bronx Tale with Jay Binder himself. I was so nervous but it ended up being really fun and we talked the whole time.  I really like Jay because he is honest and real with me and he talks to me as Dana instead of talking to me like I am “The intern.” He would whisper to me during the show things that he noticed were good or bad and he wanted to know if I agreed.  He treated me like I was his friend and that’s why he is so great.  I think he gets a bad rap because of his brashness and “flying off the handle personality” but I find it to be enduring, funny and entertaining. I am a person who likes to look at people and things in a positive light. I don’t care what other people think, I like him a lot! He took me backstage after the show and I got to meet so many people from the cast.  Nick Cordero was brilliant in the show and is a really good friend of Jay’s so we talked to him for a bit.  I think everyone thought I was his granddaughter or something it was very funny.  Then later in the week I went to The Neil LaBute Theatre Festival with Lauren and Luke.  It was a cycle of 4 different plays the first written by Neil and the others by people he picked as winners of his Theatre Festival Competition! The plays were all so different and brilliant in there own way. I love seeing shows I know absolutely nothing about and lately that’s all I have been seeing.  I think I have discovered it is my favorite way to experience theatre!