Week 10: Dana's New York Adventure

BLOG #10

*Try food you have never eaten

This week something extremely unexpected and amazing happened! I got a call from Utah Shakespeare offering me a job for the whole summer! I will be in the Greenshow and Guys and Dolls with TBA understudies. Honestly I have never been so excited or proud of myself.  It's too bad because I am going to have to turn down the Cortland Repertory Job. Hopefully they will understand.  I decided I was gonna take myself out to dinner but I wanted to try a new kind of food. Kayla Walsh (my new roommate) recommended I go to a small place called Sandro's Latin Food.  It was a hole in the wall but the food was to die for.  It was completely authentic and all I have to say is everyone needs more a fried plantain in their life because it's incredible. 

This Friday I had my second chance to monitor a day of auditions! This time it was an open & invited call for The Music Man at North Shore Music Theatre. In one day I monitor 2 open calls and 2 invited calls it was crazy but I learned a lot.  At the end of the day I was literally running headshot after headshot in and out of the room and lining people up to go in and sing at the same time.

This Saturday and Sunday I made my New York debut in the "Cranky Cabaret".  I sang the Villain Medley and All Falls Down from Chaplin. I had a blast and hopefully got great material for my reel! Some of my classmates came to support me which was amazing! Shout out to Natalie, Lauren and Steven I love you all :)