Week 5: Dana's New York Adventure



This week I started taking things a little easier.  I have been doing a lot of Bikram Yoga and it’s amazing.  It keeps my stress levels in check.  Internship was exciting this week because I sat in on my first call.  I monitored the invited dance call for Fancy: A Country Musical.  We had two separate calls first the men and then the women.  I got all dolled up to be the monitor and ironically a couple girls asked me if I was auditioning as well.  I was excited so I wanted to look good also you never know when you are going to meet someone really important.  For example, the director Denis Jones who was running the dance call is choreographing A Chorus Line at the Muny.  You just never know so its better to always look your best.  I got to play the music for the dance call, which was fun because I got to watch everyone learn and perform the dance.  I learned from watching that they seemed to like the people who never marked.  You always want to dance full out even when in big groups because then they will remember to watch you when they get to smaller groups. They were also looking for actors that could dance. Not the other way around which I found eye opening in regards to what makes a really good dancer.  The dancers all came into sing after and I was mind bogging to be how people who have Broadway credits can’t sing. I’m being completely honest there were people that couldn’t keep a tune.  That was shocking.  It goes to show you how IMPORTANT it is to be a DANCER in this business. The people behind the table in this particular instance wanted a great actor who could dance so singing wasn’t the biggest deal. It still blows my mind that they will hire people who can’t sing for the ensemble of a Broadway musical lab. Also I could say this a million times people don't look anything like their headshots.   Almost every person who handed me a headshot I would do a double take because the headshot was a different person.  It’s so unusual but I think it’s really important to invest in a picture that is you.  Over the weekend we had rehearsals for showcase to prepare us for our performance on Sunday.  We did showcase for around 25 alumni and it was a very fruitful experience.  I learned I needed to flush out my pieces a lot more and spend time working on them a little bit everyday.