Week 6: Dana's New York Adventure



This week was full of surprises! On Tuesday right before seeing the invited dress rehearsal of the ENCORES! production of Big River I got a call and was offered my first job in New York. I had submitted for LITERALLY a million things on backstage the day before and I got a call from the "Cranky Cabaret". I will make my New York debut on March 11th and 12th! I couldn't be more excited! The "Cranky Cabaret" is a bunch of crazy, cooky and upsetting songs so I thought that the "Villain Medley" I do would be perfect. On Thursday I saw my first Broadway show by myself. I saw the second preview of "Glass Menagerie". Personally I didn't like it at all. I found it very poorly directed. People were standing upon the balcony because the actors were coming too far down stage. There was also no a definite concept. There were so many different "symbolic" things that in a way cancelled each other out because they created too much clutter. There just wasn't a lot of clarity in intension. The actors were also all on different pages. All were great they just seemed like they were all in different plays.  I saw the shows 2nd preview so I'm sure some kinks are still being worked out.

On Friday night my classmates Natalie, David and I went to this great bar that is ironically in the building were I work. It's called Reunion Surf Bar. The atmosphere was equal to the beach and it was a blast. The next morning me and David went to the National History Museum and to Central Park! We spent 4 hours at the museum. It was incredible! The fourth floor was my favorite because of all the dinosaurs. We definitely got a selfie with the T-Rex. Then walked across the street to Central Park and explored for a while. We saw the reservoir and took incredible pictures. We also came upon this place called "The Loch". I later looked it up and it is Scottish for lake. It's a natural watercourse or waterfall. It was very beautiful. Everything was mostly frozen but the water was still flowing.  We walked further into the park and came upon the Minton Tile Ceiling at Bethesda Terrace. It was so beautiful and felt ancient as we walked through it.

Later that night we celebrated Asel's Birthday which was really fun! I love being with my class! Barely seeing each other makes every time we meet up so much more special. 

P.S. This week I started bringing lunch everyday! I made a week of lunch food on Sunday and then brought food everyday. It saved a lot of money and I didn't eat it once. I'm just proud of myself.