Week 9: Dana's New York Adventure



Max is here and I couldn't be more excited or happy! This week is about to be a whirlwind of crazy so get ready. Monday was EXTRA EXCITING at work because I got to tape auditions for the tour of Sister Act. It was the first time I got to be in the room for an entire session.  I learned an immense amount from watching every person audition and by hearing what directors had to say after they left the room.  Directors/casting directors are extremely forgiving. A least a lot more forgiving that I ever thought they would be. There was a girl who ended up getting the job who was 40 minutes late to her audition. This wasn't the first time either!  Every audition she had had she was over 30 mins late too.  She was right for it and so she got it.  I will never be late for an audition but I guess it's nice to know that people forgive your mistakes. 

Now on to fun adventures! Max and I saw 4 Broadway shows this week! Significant Other, Waitress, Natasha Pier and Come From Away. I loved them all but COME FROM AWAY is a MUST SEE! Randy Adams (the producer) a graduate of Otterbein graciously gifted the senior class 2 tickets each. We saw the show in the 3rd row and who else would be sitting behind me but the incomparable legend BERNADETTE PETTERS. I almost started sobbing the moment I saw her but I had to keep my cool! She has been my idol from a young age so I was stunned for a while. The show was absolutely breath taking and such an important/eye opening story for our country to see right now. The show inspires a sense of hope that scarcely found nowadays. 

Max and I also saw the final dress rehearsal of Indomeneo by Mozart at the Metropolitan Opera. His cousin has been playing in the orchestra for 15 years so he got us in for free and then he took us out to dinner afterwards.  The show was over 3 hours long and not in english so I'm not sure followed the storyline very well. The singing however was some of the most beautiful I have ever heard. The power and tone of the voices was unparalleled and interesting to experience. 

On Max's last day in the city we walked the Brooklyn Bridge. It WAS FREEZING! We both couldn't feel our faces, ears or anything really after walking across but the views were absolutely gorgeous. It was the perfect way to end such an amazing week!